STPRI’s Mini Carnival

The Raja Isteri Girls High School’s Mini Carnival was an outstanding success as scores of students from other schools had not only attended the mini carnival but had also taken part in some of the events organised.

The event organised by STPRI’s Parent Teacher Association together with STPRI’s administration was part of the end of year program, where students, teachers and parents can unwind after the exams.

There is nothing small about this year’s mini carnival. There were quad bike rides, horse rides, netball and football tournaments, on top of that there were food and beverage booths along with product booths, all of which are manned by students, teachers and parents.

Deputy Principal Pg Hj Yussof, said that the aim of the event is to foster closer relations between members of the PTA and STPRI’s teachers and staff.  The students, teachers as well as all those involved had fun today. Their dedication and commitment to the mini carnival is commendable, where they’ve not only made the event a success but had also attracted students from other schools to view and take part in the events.

The one day event held at STPRI’s compound was great way to unwind after the hectic school year. In particular the exams, challenges and obstacles the students and teachers faced during the year.  What was interesting was that other students from nearby schools also joined in the fun. After all it was open for the public.

Parents and teachers were particularly worried about the attendance of school boys mixing with the girls of the school. They were being watched carefully to ensure that there was no wrong doing, especially with their behaviour around the girls.

Pg Hj Yussof had complemented the efforts of the parents and students who had worked tirelessly for the upcoming of the mini carnival. They wanted it to succeed as much as we do. In fact through their efforts this was the best mini carnival STPRI had ever seen and it was also thanks to them that we’ve been able to attract as many visitors to the mini carnival.

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