Students paints smiles on special children

Giving is always better than receiving, so we’re taught. In fact by being charitable we learn humility and learn that our selfless act will always be remembered by those we are kind to.

As members of the community we are responsible for each other’s welfare, and that we must always remember to take care of our own, not only in times of needs, but also in times of joy.

When we bring happiness to a group of people it will always bring us joy, however that gesture is so much more memorable to those in the receiving end. The Peer guidance councillors (Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya, PRS) and Girl Scouts of Maktab Duli Pengiran Al Muhtaddee Billah, Gadong had organised several activities with residents of Pusat Ehsan, in a bid to bring them joy and happiness.

Md Khairul Rafi’udin President of PRS said that this was a good opportunity for students to get in touch with others in the community in particular those with special needs. We’re actually very excited with the prospect of meeting with the residents and having a get together with them.

We hope that this will not be the first and last event with the residents. We need students as well as the community to be aware of the special needs of residents such as the ones in Pusat Ehsan. Their welfare is our welfare, their needs far outweighs ours, and we need to care enough, to love enough so that special needs people throughout our community know that we care, we love and we will always be for them.

He said that 40 members of the PRS and Girls Guide had volunteered to spend the day with residents of Pusat Ehsan. He said that they had organised activites included colouring contests, performances by the MD students as well as the residents of Pusat Ehsan.

He explained that the group had actually raised the money from charity work, through school activities. The money we raised we used to buy presents and gifts for the residents of pusat ehsan. We hope that our small gesture will help spread some joy and happiness to the residents, as they are members of a very special group, a group where we must all be aware of, and care for.

Malay Version

BANDAR SERI BEGWAN Jumaat 26 November – Dalam usaha untuk mengeratkan lagi silaturrahim dikalangan penututu-penuntut Maktab Duli Pg Muda Al Muhtadee Billah, dan penghuni-penghuni Pusat ehsan, 40 ahli-ahli Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya (PRS) bersama pandu puteri dari penuntut Maktab Duli, telah mengadakan aktiviti bersama penghuni-penghuni Pusat Ehsan.

Menurut Presiden PRS, Md Khairul bin Rafi’udin ini adalah salah satu peluang yang baik bagi mendedahkan penuntut-penuntut Maktab Duli khususnya ahli-ahli PRS dan Pandu Puteri bagi meluangkan masa bersama penghuni-penghuni yang berkeperluan istimewa dari Pusat Ehsan.

Beliau mengatakan bahawa mereka semua telah merancangkan berberapa aktiviti bersama pusat ehsan dengan tujuan untuk semata-mata menghiburkan hari penghuni-penghuni yang berkeperluan istimewa.

Katanya, ahli-ahli PRS dan Pandu Puteri Maktab Duli telah berusaha untuk mengumpulkan dana dari jualan dan aktiviti sekolah, untuk mendapatkan dana bagi hadiah-hadiah kepada penghuni-penghuni yang berkeperluan istimewa.

Beliau menjelaskan bahawa sebagai ahli masyarakat di Brunei Darussalam, kita harus mengetahui mengenai kesejahteraan masyarakat yang lain. Dan bagi mengadakan aktiviti pada hari ini, ahli-ahli PRS dan Pandu Puteri sangat gembira dan bersyukur kerana diberi peluang untuk bersama penghuni-penghuni yang berkeperluan istimewa di Pusat Ehsan.

Katanya ahli-ahli PRS dan Pandu Puteri telah merancangkan berberapa aktiviti khusu untuk menghiburkan dan berhibur bersama penghuni-penghuni Pusat Ehsan.  Ini adalah sebahgian daripada aktiviti PRS dan salah satu komitment PRS kepada masyarakat.

Melalui aktiviti bersama penghuni-penghuni yang berkeperluan istimewa Pusat Ehsan juga mendedahkan ahli-ahli PRS dan Pandu Puteri dengan cabaran hidup yang mereka alami, dan beliau  berharap bahawa dengan aktiviti pada hari ini, beliau dan rakan-rakannya akan dapat mengembirakan penghuni-penghuni yang berkeperluan istimewa pusat ehsan, walaupun untuk seketika.

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