Latest MAC collection – Tartan Tales & Winter collection

The M.A.C. Tartan tale, and Winter Collection are here. IA Salon Manager Cecilia Lee announced that the latest M.A.C. products are now on display and available. She said these products are hot off the market and are of limited edition.

In fact she says that because these products are of limited edition, it is difficult to get them in our region, and that M.A.C. will only produce a limited number and will not replicate it in the future.  The colours of the M.A.C. collection is made different for each market.

For example, the same product and colours may not be obtained in Europe, because it is made specifically for the Asian market.

She explains that usually a few weeks before the collection is even published in fashion magazines in Asia, we at IA Salon have already obtained the collection and is on display. One of the reasons why we obtain the products early is part of our commitment and service to our customers to keep them up to date with latest technology and trends.

She explains that the M.A.C. mineralize winter collection is one of the best in the market where Ingredients in the product helps protect and improves the skin. This is the technology of modern products. The molecules in the ingredients actually actively helps improves the skin, where moisturizers are embedded in the ingredients itself.

Even a little amount used will bring out the best effect of the colours. This means that it is easier and faster to apply and in turn will save money in the long run.

While the Tartan Tale collection is fresh off the M.A.C. label and is the latest in their collection of makeup.

She says that there are knock offs, in the market, where it claims to be the same as the original however buyers beware.

Why buy original and not knock offs? There are several obvious reasons, however some may not know that knock offs do not carry the same ingredients and formula patented in the original. In fact knock offs may damage the skin after prolong usage, and although the same colour and effect may be obtained, one would have to use more of the product to reach the same effect.

Each time new collections are made; there are always improvements in the technology and ingredients being used. Of course it is up to customers’ preference in which product that they are more comfortable with, however they must be knowledgeable of their products and understand that in keeping up a good appearance we must always remember to  protect our skin, and not damage it with uncertain and poor quality products.Lates

  1. #1 by anja on October 1, 2011 - 2:13 pm

    what´s the brand of the pink japanese girl palette?

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