SOASC Enterpernership day 31st October 2010

In a bid to expose students on entrepreneurship as well as educating them in the world of business the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Collage announced that an Entrepreneur day will be held on Sunday 31st October 2010 at SOAS collage compounds in the capital.

Some of the students who are in the program have worked  hard in the program. The Collage has organised several field trips and visits to companies as well as handicraft centres, in the bid to stimulate and motivate the students to create their own handiwork such as copper tooling, and handicrafts.

Deputy Principal Hj Roslan said that the entrepreneurship day will give students a perspective of real life, where their hard work are rewarded, by  prospective clients who not only will buy their products but also will give their own comments it.

He explained that the event is organised by SOAS collage and the Parent teacher Association where 15% of booth rentals will go towards KACA.

‘We’ve already got support from the rumah panjang kg Mendaram Labi2 Kuala Belait, as well as the Prison Department in showcasing their handicraft. The park and recreation department (JASTRE) will also promote the use of recycling bag and reduce the use of plastic bags during the day,’ he said.

Other activities will also include colouring contests and ‘I want to be a DJ’ competition. The public are welcome to join in the fun, where it is hoped that the entrepreneurship day of SOAS Collage will be a boon for the students and associated parties to be more involved in the Collage’s activities as well as promote enterpeurnship skills amongst students and vendors alike.

He emphasized that the proceeds will go towards the students fund to enhance the existing entrepreneur projects, as well as towards the pre vocational projects such as the pra vok cafe, the canvas fisheries and several other projects designed to help students develop their creativity and entrepreneurship skills.

Meanwhile he urged existing vendors who have already applied for booths to return the registration forms complete with the payment as soon as possible, he also said that any interested vendors may still apply for a booth and to contact Collage administration: 2242249.

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