IA Salon’s 6th year anniversary

In conjunction with IA Salon’s 6th year anniversary bash, IA salon will be holding its celebration on Sunday 31st October 2010.  Manager Cecilia Lee announced that in conjunction with the 6th year anniversary IA Salon will be handing out 500 vouchers worth $5000 in a total, to customers having their hair or make up services at IA Salon on Sunday 31st October 2010.

She had also said that on the day itself, IA Salon will also be giving out pink ribbons in support of Breast cancer awareness month to all customers on the day. Cecelia explains that raising awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness Month is important in recognition to survivors, family and friends of survivors and victims of the disease.

A pink ribbon is worn to recognise the struggle that sufferers face when battling with the cancer. The pink ribbon, will distributed for visitors to pin on their shirts and is an international symbol of breast cancer awareness, and a symbol in honouring the month and commitment to fight against breast cancer.

She said that all are welcome to join in the celebration, where they will be several hair and makeup tips that will be presented by IA Salon’s hair and make up stylists; she had also added that there are promotions and savings to be made during the 6th year anniversary bash.

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