STPRI students drug education initiative

In order to give exposure and awareness on the dangers of drug abuse and smoking, the Raja Isteri Girls High School (STPRI), had held a competition specifically for the students of STPRI entitiled (Students active without drugs).

The competition was the brainchild of 5 year 9 students who had taken part in the national anti drugs and smoking campaign held earlier this year.

According to the chairperson of the event, 14 year old, Wardahtul Azimah bte Haslin, by holding a competition for the school, they are able to pass down the knowledge of what they have learnt through the national anti drugs campaign.

She said that they are able to expose students on the dangers of drugs and smoking through a poster design competition as well as a poem competition themed ‘Students active without drugs’.

She had explained that the idea of holding such competition for the school struck when the five of them (dubbed the A Team) worked together on the national campaign for anti drugs and smoking where each schools were to come up with their own unique poster design and exhibition to showcase during the opening of the campaign.

The idea was brought to their teacher which was later embraced by the school’s administration and the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

Yesterday’s prize presentation ceremony were presented to the winners of the competitions by the PTA Chairman , Hj Hasnanai bin Hj Abdul Rahaman.

STPRI Deputy Principal Pg YYusof Pg Hj Mahsyor said that it was good to see students taken an active role in promoting awareness about the dangers of drug abuse and smoking, where through their initiative they are able to create a great response to the activities that they had planned and chaired.

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