SOASC hold 2 in one event

Still in the hari raya fever, the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien collage (SOASC) yesterday held a Hari Raya celebration for teachers and students. The celebration had also included a teacher’s appreciation day, in conjunction with the Teachers day celebration.

Teachers and students were given performances by SOASC students for the hari raya, and a special performance for teachers, where students had dedicate a tribute to their teachers for their commitment and outstanding devotion to their subjects

Three teachers were honoured with the Special Teachers award for their dedication and outstanding commitment to their subjects and students. The recipients were Science Head of Department Jenny Tan Feng Leng, English teacher, Kim Evelyn Geddes and English and Food and Nutrition teacher, Hjh Siti Norahamiah Hj Ahmad.

Meanwhile the Hari Raya celebration kicked off with an outstanding scene. Over a thousand and four hundred students had queued up and paid their respects as well as seeking forgiveness to the 136 SOASC teachers. In the hari raya spirit as well as the Malay tradition and customs, the students shooked and kissed the hands of their teachers, honouring them and showing them respect.

Some of the teachers were overwhelmed with emotions on the amount of respect and reverence the students had shown them in particular those teachers who are new to the teaching community.

SOASC Principal Pg Hj Zahari Pg Hj Ahmad said that we’ve always instilled family values to the students of SOASC and had have encouraged the family ideals and morals amongst teachers and students.

These values and ideals not foster a closer bond between teachers and students, but a genuine feeling of family values as well as knowing that their teachers are there for them and will work tirelessly to help them broaden their horizon and excel in their studies.

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