Students receive donations

Our deeds whether they are good are bad are written and we will be accountable for our deeds in the day of judgement, therefore we must always practice kindness, piety, and be generous at all times even more so in the months coming to Ramadhan.

This was stated by the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Collage Principle, Pg Hj Zahari bin Pg Hj Ahmad during a presentation of donations to students whose families are financially burden in conjunction with Nisfu Sha’ban.

He said that this is a yearly project initiated by SOAS collage with the cooperation of the SOAS parent teacher association, Class of 64 library as well as SOAS teachers who were generous enough to provide 49 students with daily necessities and financial donations, that will hopefully lessen their families burden coming to the month of Ramadhan.

Presenting the donations to the students at the SOAS’s prayer hall, was a representative for Class of 64 library, Hj Ahmad Hj Ghafar who had said that Class of 64 library, will always support SOAS’s activities and events in particular events such as these which also helps the students welfare.

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