Law firm visits Jerudong Prison

Sankaran Halim Advocates & Solicitors, a local law firm had recently organised a visit to Jerudong Prison for it staffs and family. The law firm felt that a visit to Jerudong Prison would give its staff a better overview of the criminal justice system .

The visitors were taken to see the Prison gallery which housed many interesting historical information and artifacts. A mock hanging and a canning demonstration were performed by prison officials. The loud sound made by the cane  hitting the dummy had a very profound effect on the visitors especially those who brought their teenage children.

Ms Zaiton Salim, a secretary of the firm who brought her 3 teenage sons for the visit said that the visit is a good way of conveying the message that crime does not pay.

She said that whilst it is the responsibility of every parent to constantly monitor and advise their children, quite often our advice are taken as nothing more than parental nagging. A prison visit with the demonstrations has a very real and positive effect on young adults and l would recommend the visit to all parents with teenage children.

The visit was provided a more in depth perspective for the staff, as they were able to see one of the process of the criminal justice system in detail outside of court.

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