Law Staff presented with Takaful Plan for loyalty

In line with His Majesty’s government vision of making employment in the private sector more attractive for  Bruneians, Sankaran Halim Advocates & Solicitors, had given all its staff the benefit of the added protection of Takaful BIBD’s Cahaya Mata Plan.

The Cahaya Mata Takaful Plan was recently launched by Takaful BIBD to promote saving habits as well as giving takaful coverage for personal accident and critical illnesses to its participant.

The Cahaya Mata plan taken by Sankaran Halim will provide each of its employees coverage
up to  $50,000.00 for personal accident and up to $15,000.00 for critical illnesses. The plan can be taken on an annual basis renewable up to 5 years and does not require any medical examination. Part of the payment made for this plan is the savings component which will be returned with profits to the participants, upon maturity.

“Our firm’s policy is to engage only locals for our staffing needs. They are an important part of our
organisation and giving them this additional benefit is a token of our appreciation and gratitude for the loyalty shown by them” said  Mr. Siva Sankaran the Managing Partner of Sankaran Halim

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