IA SAlon to conduct Make up Classes

Do we really know the products that we use? Their potential, as well as their limitations, whether the products that we use can cause more harm than good?

Ms Cecelia Lee, manager of IA Salon, explains that we need to know the products that we use on our faces, especially those with sensitive skins, where the wrong products can cause even more damage to their skin.

She said that IA Salon will be conduct in a series of make-up classes designed to help clients understand their products, their strengths as well as their weaknesses. The one hour classes will commence on the 16th July, until 25th July.

She said that unlike other make up classes, where the class is limited to understanding only one particular product, the class conducted by IA Salon will cover all products on the market. Hopefully with the knowledge obtained by the class, it will help clients understand which product is more suitable for them.

The class is comprehensive, from the introduction of products and makeup equipment, to the complete self grooming, as well as day and night makeups.

Lets make faces of Brunei more beautiful than it already is. The classes conducted are only for an hour each day, and Ms Cecelia believes that we have to take care of ourselves, our grooming as well as our skin. Each person is different, and each product is different. We must know which ones are best suited for our skin, and which make up and colours works the best for us.

“I believe in helping clients and empower them with the knowledge of professional make up artists who has beautify the faces of stars and artists. The classes will help clients to gain an insight on tips and tricks to keep their faces beautiful for all occasions, from the daily to special occasions,” she said.

She added that the reason why clients must bring their own cosmetics is that  we feel that the products which have already been bought are being used properly and not just lying in the bags forgotten and unused.

The Make up is not only to do with skill but understand of the cosmetic you buy is very important as well, this will bring confident and you can profit the max of the products where the express course will give clients the opportunity to pick up lots of good tips and will be able to save lots of time on clients make up and at the same time the Make up classes will build confident, ability to difference type of cosmetic, this will be helpful when you do your own make up and useful when purchase on your next cosmetic.

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