Brunei Paragliders ready for PAragliding world cup

Brunei Darussalam’s  paragliding couple, Junaidi Hj Jumat and Siti Khadijah Hj Ismail are practicing hard in a bid to participate in their first ever Paragliding World Cup Championships 2010 held in Batu, Indonesia.

Junaidi said that they’ve trained hard for the paragliding championship at Bukit Agok, in Jerudong. Although only about 100 feet from the peak of bukit agok until the landing site, the hill provides an adequate practice setting for the paragliders.

Junaidi said that the paragliding competition in Kota Kinabalu, and the win was a boost for his moral, and has added to his experience to the sport.

Siti Khadijah has won several international paragliding championships, once in Malaysia, and the other in Indonesia. While Junaidi has just recently came in second in the free style category in Kota Kinabalu.

Junaidi said that because they had to fund their own way, they had to reject a lot of international compeititons invitations from countries in Europe, America, South America and Japan.

The world cup this year is in Indonesia, and its the closest so far, we don’t know when it will be held there again. So this was an opportunity for us to represent Brunei Darussalam in the world competition.

The  Paragliding World Cup Championship tours world wide paragliding venues, from Brazil to Japan. This year Batu Indonesia was chosen as the site for the prestigious world cup championship and it is expected to have over 200 paragliding pilots from around the world competition in the competition.

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