‘Polar girl’ shares her experience with students

To inspire the youth in Brunei and encourage them to  believe that anyone can achieve their dream if they set their mind to it Dk Najibah Eradah Pg Ahmad Mahdi Al-SufriSufri, Brunei’s “Polar Girl”, the first Bruneian to trek to the South Pole, paid a visit to the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Collage.

`Because I am a woman, people looked down on me. Some even reminded me that it was too freezing cold in Antarctica. Others said that I was too short and small, raising doubts about my abilities,” she explained to over 300 hundred students of year 7 and 8 during her motivational talk.

Never give up, she said as she shares her experience and challenges as she treks across the south pole in an the expedition to demonstrate the potential of greater intercultural dialogue and celebrate the achievements of women Worldwide, as well as marking the 60th anniversary year of the Commonwealth.

She also spoke of the unique experiences she had to undergo, such as not being able to bath for 54 days and how she had to endure only seven minutes of toilet breaks and eating time after every hour and a half of trekking.

During her presentation, Era showed video clips of her hardships and experiences, particularly in coping with the harsh and unforgiving landscapes and weather conditions, during her expedition to the South Pole.

Frost bite, fatigue and hunger prangs were the main concerns not to mention the constant cold she and her group had to face on a daily basis. The worst was the harsh wind which howls through the camp site virtually blinding the team with white snow.

The harsh bleak landscape can sometimes is sometimes beautiful, yet the we are constantly reminded that we have that it is a harsh climate and that any mistakes could cost one their life.

This is a harsh reminder of what life can bring, yet in life there are so many things we can strive for and be thankful for. During times when the beauty of the south pole is breathtaking we are reminded of how life is and how precious it is to always live your life and strive for your dream.

Students of SOAS Collage were in awe of the petite woman who had succeeded not only to conquer the south pole, but also to be able to achieve her dream. They were especially proud that she was the first Bruneian ever to venture to the Southpole.

A lot of people do not know what they want. If you don’t know what you want then you don’t have an aim or goal in life but if you do then you can aim and work for it, she said. She emphasized the slogan never give up. Never give up on your dreams, and goals, never let anyone tell you otherwise, plan how to do it and then go out there and do it. Action is very important, don’t just say it, Do it!

Students also had the opportunity to view some of the equipment and clothing that Dk Era had taken with her during her expedition. They had even bombarded her with questions about her experience of which some could not phantom on how a petite girl from Brunei could make it in the harsh climate of the South pole. Nevertheless, the students were enthralled with meeting the one person who had made history by being the first Bruneian to ever step foot on the south pole

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