SOASC paernet teacher meet

The progresses of our children’s studies are very important for parents, especially those who have just entered the secondary schools. Parents are eager to know about their children’s development in school, especially their development in their academics.

The Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien yesterday held a parent teacher meet in order to update parents and guardians on the progress of their children, in particular students of year 7 and year 8 as well as students in the Elite Program. The i meet was a chance for parents and teachers to come face to face with each other in an informal setting.

This is the first student progress report for the year, and the results are encouraging said principal of SOAS Collage, Pg Hj Zahari Pg Hj Ahmad He said that they hope the progress assessment will continue to improve as they move forward in the year.

It is important to monitor the progress of the student throughout the year. With meets such as these parents are able to get up to date information not only about their children’s progress on each of their subjects from their teachers but also learn about their children’s behaviour and attitude in class.

The meet also signifies a first person contact between teachers and parent, which is important in relying vital information to help students perform even better in schools. Parents are able to monitor their children at home, and improve on their weaker subjects while further enhancing their skills on their stronger subjects.

The objectives of the meet was to discuss student’s academic achievement, to give parents and guardians specific information about the student and to develop an ongoing cooperation between parents, guardians and teachers in order to monitor students’

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