Keeping a good head

When it comes to hair, most people would think the most expensive type of shampoo is always the best for their hair. However it might be just the opposite. In fact the wrong type of shampoo might lead to scalp problems and inevitable the hair problems.

To get to the root of the matter, you need to know about your own scalp. First treat your scalp make sure its happy and healthy, then your hair will be beautiful.  How do you know the condition of your scalp? Is it oily, is it dry, is it infected?

So called wanna be hair specialists, stylists and the odd sales assistants would always try to push their brand of shampoo, or what they might think is best for our hair. They base their assumptions visually, what they see with their naked eye.

Their sliver tongue will always convince us that their diagnostics is the correct one, that is until our hair starts falling off, or even flakes and dry skin starts falling out of our head. Have it diagnosed the correct way, scan it, find out if the shampoo we’re using is the correct one. Find out if our scalp is happy, or is it riddled with infection. What can’t be seen with the naked eye could always be revealed by the scanner.

IA Salon has a scanner where it will ultimately diagnose not only the condition of the scalp, and the hair but also will let you know if the shampoo you are using is the correct one. The scanner which multiplies by 200, scans right to the roots, and the scalp. It will not only help diagnose the condition of the scalp and the hair but also with the help of professionals, will be able to give the right treatment it is needed.

My scalp revealed a lot of stress lines, and because it was oily, a lot of my hair follicles were blocked by the access oil. Invisible to the naked eye, it can be clearly seen through the powerful scanner.

According to hair guru, Cecilia Lee, Manager of IA Salon, it is always recommended to have two types of shampoos. This is to keep the treat the scalp varying on its condition. For example if you’re out in the sun, and sweating, the scalp will be oily, and this will block new hair follicles to emerge from the scalp, and if you’re in an air conditioned room for most of the week, most likely the scalp will be dry.

She said that it doesn’t really matter what brand the shampoo is, or the price tag on the shampoo, as long as it is suitable for the scalp, then it is good for the hair. Using the right shampoo varying on the condition of the scalp will help improve its condition and ultimately helps keep healthier hair.

People often forget about their scalp, their main focus is the hair. And why shouldn’t it since we almost never see our own scalp, but that is where the root of all the problems or solution lies. Keep the scalp healthy, and free of infection or problems and the hair will surely benefit.  Everything is connected, the body must also be healthy and relaxed, with good blood circulation will help benefit the scalp and the hair.

Relaxation helps the circulation of the blood, and in turn will help the blood flow to the head which will help improve the condition of the scalp.

Scalp treatment, with the full spa treatment is available at IA salon, where not only do they advise customers on the right treatment for their scalp but the scalp scanner will reveal the true condition of the scalp. The scanner is free for those who care enough about their scalp, the spa treatment available will rejuvenate and relaxes not only the body, but also will provide the right treatment for the scalp and the hair.

Itchy head, dry, flacky scalps, dandruff, even oily scalp are all problems  related to the improper care of the head. Not enough washing, the wrong conditioner or shampoo, or even too much washing.

Ignorance may bliss, but in this case we cannot afford to be ignorant about proper scalp care, not if we want to keep our hair beautiful and shiny. As we get older the more care we need to give to our scalp, this is because of the conditions we go through and of course the toxics, pollutions and environment that we are exposed to on a daily basis.

Why not try the scalp scanner, its been here for 5 years, yet nobody seems to know about it. The scanning is free, so why not give it a try and keep your scalp healthy, and your hair beautiful, strong and shiny.

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