Aids Awarness

H.I.V and A.I.D.S are on the rise in the Sultanate as well as other sexually transmitted diseases (STD). It is important the youths of today learn about the dangers of STDS and HIVs, as well as be aware on how the diseases are contracted.

Medical Officer, from the Ministry of Health, Dr Ahmad Fakhri Junaidi, who had conducted a talk on HIV and STDS said that it is important start early prevention or intervention in the case of STDS and HIV.

Unlike other form of diseases, these diseases will only be transmitted, via blood, sharing needles and sexual intercourse.

He specified that Abstinence, being faithful to their partner and the use of contraceptives are a few of the ways of reducing the number of HIV and STDs in the country. He also talked about the early symptoms of the HIV and STDs as well as cure for some STD diseases.

Meanwhile 300 students took part in a seminar aimed at raising the awareness on AIDS and STDs. The seminar and workshop was conducted by the AIDS Council Brunei, as part of the Anti  Smoking Campaign organised by the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Collage, Department of Guidance and Counselling and Cluster 1 Schools.

The workshop focused on the students’ understanding of STDs as well as HIV, and had dispelled some rumours and myths concerning people with HIV and AIDS.

One of the most important lessons that was taught that people with HIV and AIDS are just like regular people, there are hardly any distinctions, however for those who have the disease, they are sometimes abandoned by their friends and family.

This is not a healthy attitude to have, and that the people who have the HIV virus and AIDS disease need the support of their family and friends more than ever.  The discrimination and prejudice for people with HIV cannot and must not go on, Islam has taught us to treat each other with respect and in fairness, no matter what their race or religion.

Around 33.4 million people are living with HIV and this increase (compared to 33.2 million in 2007) can be attributed to continued high levels of new infections as well as the beneficial impact of improved access to Anti-retroviral treatment. Whilst it is good news that less people are dying from AIDS related illnesses (5,500 daily, compared to 5,700 in 2007), for every two people treated, five people become newly infected.

Brunei’s profile in the HIV/AIDS situation as of November 2009 stands at a cumulative total of 56 known cases of which more than 70 per cent are men. According to the latest figures, the male to female HIV ratio in Brunei stands at 3:5:1.

  1. #1 by Danielle Johnson on March 16, 2010 - 2:34 am

    Has anyone found a good free dating website for people with STD’s like Herpes and HIV? I have both and am looking for a life partner. Let me know if you have any ideas.

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