State Councellors attend workshop

To update and upgrade the capacity of counselling techniques, school counsellors from all over the nation had taken part in the counselling workshop organised by the guidance and career counselling unit, Raja Isteri Girls High School (STPRI),  in the capital.

Thirty two schools and collages from all six clusters took part in the one day workshop at STPRI, where it aims to enhance the effectiveness of counsellors in giving counselling to students in their respective schools.

Deputy Principal of STPRI Hjh Aisah bte Hj Sahdan in her speech said that it is hoped that the workshop on LDK (Group Counselling) will be useful in helping the counsellors to better give advice and guidance to the students in their respective schools.

The techniques learnt during the workshop will not only give them a better understanding of group counselling but also the activities and practicals during the workshop will help the counsellors get a fresh perspective on counselling

The workshop was conducted by the Brunei Counselling Association President (PERKAB), Captain Rusli Bujang, who had said that the profession of counsellors is a considered as a new profession in Brunei Darussalam, where counsellors have a high responsibility to their clients in giving advises on facing their challanges.

He said that the role of being counsellors are not only bound to giving advise in schools to students about their academic studies, but also may be on a personal level, dealing with their everyday lives, friends, families and even the pressures that the students encounter.

The counsellors have a responsibility to the students as well as the community at large, they’re advises and counsels are not taken lightly and often may influence the lives of their clients.

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