SOAS Elite visits Narcotics Control Bureau

The fight against drugs abuse doesn’t start on the street but starts with education. Educating the public on drug preventions and drug abuse is a good preventive measure in getting drugs out of the streets and out of the homes. With the amount of active ways on how individuals may be duped or lured by drug abusers as well as drug pushers, the community at large must be aware of the treacherous ways they may be lured unintentionally into the evils of drug abuse.

In that respect Year 7 Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien elite program students were given a briefing on the dangers of drug abuse as well as being aware of being influenced to the taking of illegal drugs by strangers, friends or families. Briefing the students on the dangers of drug abuse as well as on the dangers of being influenced was the Preventive drug education officer, Narcotics Control Bureau, Mohammad Shahrom bin Hj Abu Bakar Puteh.

He had explained on the various tactics used by drug users to influences unsuspecting individuals on taking up the drug habit. The students were later given a briefing on the various drugs, and drug utensils as well as everyday items used to conceal the drugs and drug utensils.

The visit to the Narcotics control Bureau was organised by the SOAS Collage Counselling Department, Ahmad Hj Sulaiman, who had said that the visit and briefing at the Narcotics Control Buerau was part of the school’s awareness program on the dangers of drugs as well as identifying the ways where an individual might be influenced in taking drugs.

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