SOAS elite program

When Brunei Darussalam was still in the early stages of secondary education the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien collage was established to be the premier school in the country. As years past there are numerous schools which has taken the title. However with the initiative of the Ministry of Education, SOAS Collage will once again become a primer school with the help of the SOAS elite program.

46 top students who had performed well in their primary examinations has been enrolled to the program to give a boost to SOAS collage status.

Principal of SOAS Collage, PG Hj Zahari PG Hj Ahmad said that the students qualified for the elite program must have 4As and 1 B in their primary examination to be eligible for the program. He explained that the students are all from the neighbouring private and public schools.

He said that the elite program is timely with the physical change in the SOAS environment namely the new administration building and other renovations which will make SOAS collage a centre of excellence for the students.

Speaking on the elite program itself, he said that the students will not enjoy learning in a school with top facilities, but also their program will have added value subjects, such as arts, sports and music. The program will encourage students not only to excel in academics but also in other areas.

The program will be shaping leaders of the future, with the personal and character development which the program has in mind, he said that he is confident that SOAS collage through the elite program will be producing generations of leaders of the future.

Pg Hj Zahari said that the reasons behind the program were to bring back the glory days of SOAS collage. As the collage is named after the father of modern Brunei, the late Sultan Haji Omar Ali Saifuddien was himself a poet, a scholar, an athlete, a leader and an inspiration.

Through the elite program SOAS will be producing the students of calibre who not only they excel in their academics but also excel in other areas as well that will shape their characters, and mould them to be the future of leaders of Brunei Darussalam

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