SOAS holds 2 day induction course


The first day of school is always an exciting experience for students especially new ones. It is especially so for those who had just entered a higher level in their education, from primary to secondary. The transition can also be the most nerve racking experience for the students as they are unfamiliar with not only the teachers, but also the school itself, and the students.

280 new students who had enrolled Year 7 in the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien collage found their orientation day, a day full of challenges and activities all of which were designed to not only help the students take in their new surroundings but also helps them to interact with other students and showcase some of their hidden talent.

The two day induction course 2 day induction course organised by the Counselling Department of Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien collage was not only familiarising students with the collage, the staff as well as the other programs but also was full of ‘fun’ for the students

Instead of the usual briefing and tour around the collage, SOAS collage had taken orientation day to be fun for the students at the same time bring in some value added moral and ethical values which the students will need as they progress through their education.

Sports activities with games and activities designed to promote teamwork and team building for the students, not to mention this little activity helps students interacts with one another and through the activities they are able to depend on one other.

At an early start to their educational careers the new Year 7 students are already learning one of the key fundamentals of studying in a higher institution where they need to depend on one another in order to succeed in their education, after all the success or failure is inevitably in their hands.

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