School Twinning Program between SOAS collage and Victoria Collage Singapore

Students from the Victoria Collage in Singapore will take part in a week long School Twinning Program hosted by Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Collage.

The twining program which commences on 16th November until 23rd November will take students to learn about the culture, heritage and traditions of Brunei Darussalam, as well as learn about Brunei’s cultural heritage and school system.

Greeting the students at the airport were the Principal of SOAS collage as well as deputy principals and senior teachers as well as prefects of SOAS  College.

Pg Zahari PG Ahmad, SOAS Collage Principal said that, this marks the second round cycle milestone for the two colleges, where the first round of the twinning program started in the year 2007 in which Victoria College visited SOAS Collage, where in the following year Students and teachers from SOAS collage had paid a visit to Victoria School.

He said that pairing with Victoria collaged established collegial and closer relationships between students and staff of both collages at the same time, it was a n opportunity to exchange ideas and share challenges and experiences.

The program will generate valuable knowledge and experiences for both parties, where according to PG Zahari, the aims of the School twinning program was to help maintain bilateral ties between the two countries, as well as strengthen the relationship amongst students and staff between institutions.

It is also to promote academic and cultural exchange where through the program it has provided a platform for exchange of ideas, information, issues and challenges pertaining to the education system of both countries. It also fosters a sense of partnership through sharing of ideas on administrative, teaching and learning strategies. Last and certainly not least the program encourages nation building for both colleges.

Part  of the objectives of the twining program are to acquire ideas pertaining to leadership, management of curriculum and co-curriculum and school administration, as well as to exchange ideas, innovations pertaining to teaching and learning processes.

The twining program is to realise the importance of community cohesion through collaborative activities, development of interpersonal skills and enhancement of personal communications skills.

Through the program it will widen students knowledge and perception through exposure to different environment, cultures, traditions, ethnic groups and lifestyles, they will be able to share and acquire the socio-cultural and traditional values of both countries as well as inspire other students to strive to improve their skills and gain knowledge in the betterment of oneself and to contribute towards nation building.

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