Learning Ladders Society

L ladderIt started as a parent support group, and grew into a society. It was a haven for parents and children to be themselves. Co Founded by Dr Sharina Yunus and Norhaslinda Ibrahim the Learning Ladders Society had made some strides since its establishment in 2009.

Dr Sharina Yunus President & Co founder Learning Ladders

Dr Sharina Yunus President & Co founder Learning Ladders

Dr Sharina and Norhaslinda are the mothers of Autistic children. They had started learning ladders society with the help of Dr Terry Fairclough as an alternative treatment to help children with neurological disorders.

Sharing their experience they said that the children with neurological disorders are very different from other children, they can roll around and scream for hours, and if they were to mix with other children, they would be judged, as are the parents.

Sometimes it gets tedious explaining to other parents the condition of their child. While some parents might understand, others just nod their head politely and smile.

With the support group, its a weight of their minds, where parents can relax and not be judged. They wouldn’t judge other children the their condition and wouldn’t bat an eye on the behaviour of other people’s child. They also draw strength from each other, where they share their experience and method as well as what they have learnt in dealing with the condition of their child.

The support group was a haven for both parent and child. As time goes by the small parent support group grew, as more and more parents approached them from word of mouth.

Previously, the support group would have days where they would meet at each respective houses. Now they can fully utalise the building to help the children.  Now with the opening of the center generously provided by the Brunei Government it is hoped that the society can further develop and help the children with mental disorder.

Norhaslinda Ibrahim Vice President & Co founder Learning Ladders

Norhaslinda Ibrahim Vice President & Co founder Learning Ladders

They had both shared their experience with other parents and had shared knowledge regarding treatments of various neurological disorder in children, amongst their small group. Through word of mouth, the small support group grew, and later it was decided to formally establish the group as a society.

Learning ladders society is a registered non-profit society established in 2007 for children with Autism, brain injury, developmental delay, dyslexia and other learning disability. At present there is an acute shortage in Brunei for qualifies ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) therapist, therefore it is necessary for the society to recruit from overseas qualifies professional in this area.

Dr Sharina explained that with the new opening of the new center, we need funds to help further our cause. Specialised books and specialised toys are needed for the development of the child. Video conferencing rooms for specialist from overseas to interact with the child.

She said thankfully we have a lot of support from the government and non government sectors, as well as individuals. Sometime ago an individual named Ian Donaldson help raise funds for learning ladders by swimming for 9 hours in Perth.

Meanwhile Norhaslinda had said that this year IA Salon has graciously offered to raise funds for learning ladders, by holding a charity day, where organisations such as the Darussalam Motorcycle Association (PEMODA), Harley Owners Group Brunei Chapter (H.O.G) and the Sportbikerz Assciation has agreed to lend a hand in the fund.

She said that the society hopes that people will come and support them in during the charity event that will be held today (Sunday 1st November). The more money raised, the more it will help them to provide better facilities and purchase materials for the children in their care.

For more information on learning-ladders visit http://www.learning-ladders.blogspot.com

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