TIBA announces hari ray gathering on 24th October

AJK Majlis Ramah Mesra Aidilfitri

AJK Majlis Ramah Mesra Aidilfitri

The TIBA Association announced the  Hari Raya Aidilfitir gathering will be held on Sunday 24th October. The announcement was made during the working committee meeting held in Salambigar. The event will be held at the Nakoda Ragam Vocational School’s auditorium.

members during the meeting

members during the meeting

Meanwhile the Chairperson of the event, Hj Matasan Hj Bungsu  said that residents from  three villages will be invited to attend the event, Kg Salambigar, Kg Sungai Hanching and Kampung Tanah Jambu.

The event with the concept of Hari Raya in the 60s will include mini ceremonies, which are the donations to orphans living in the three villages, and the presentation of certificates to members of the KOTIBA board of Directors.

He added that the hari raya aidilfitri event will include cultural shows, the recitals of poems,, the guling tangan performances by the youths of the TIBA association and a comedy routine performed by local comedians.

He said that each year the TIBA association will be holding a Hari Raya gathering where not only members of TIBA are invited but also residents from the three villages are also invited. Part of the objective of hari raya gathering is to foster closer relations between residents of the three villages.

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