SOASC learns about tracing techniques

soas (3)Year 7 students of Sulatan Omar Ali Saifuddien were given the opportunity to document, and record 17centry tombstones as part of their practical course as well as exposure on historical documentation techniques.

Personals led by the assistant investigative officer, Hj Irwan bin Hj Osmar from the Historic Center department had demonstrated the use of tracing or casting methods on the tombstones as a way to document and analyse ancient tombstones for historic documentation.

Hj Irwan said that the tombstones are particularly special because not only are they beautifully engraved but they also contain information about the resident of the grave.

soas (2)soas (7)soas (4)soas (8)

The tombstone is a perfect tool for demonstration on one of the techniques archaeologists, and archive department officials use in recording and documenting historical data in the field.

The investigators would then dig up historic files to trace back the origin of the owner of the tombstone.

The experienced had opened the eyes of the students. They now understand the use of tracing and with the demonstration given by the personal of the historic center, they now understand why history and forensic is important.

Principal of SOAS collage, PG Hj Zahari bin Pg Hj Ahmad said that the hands on practical with the archives department will leave a lasting impression on the students. Where not only do they open their eyes to the possibility of perhaps one day working for a department such as the historic center, but the experience is just one of the many experiences that wil help the students be aware of the possible work that is out there.

The techniques that are taught, are also techniques used by archaeologists and forensic experts amongst other professions. Although the methods and the means are different, the basic technique is the same.

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