Divers receive certification

SO Hj Mustapa bin Hj Mohammad, DSO Md Harris bin Hj Md Zaini, ABK 75 Hj Sofri bin Hj Bolaji and ABK 147 Hj Roslan bin Hj Bakir from the fire rescue department yesterday received their certificates and badges, certifying them to be certified rescue divers after completing and passing the  Public Safety Diver First Responder Supervisor Course.

Certified divers in fire services department

Certified divers in fire services department

On hand to present them with the certificates was the Acting Director of Fire and Rescue Department, Lim Hock Guan.

The 14 day course was held in Terangganu, Malaysia, where according the assistant Director of Fire and rescue department, Hjh Siti Mayang binti Hj Hussin, the course focused on theory, practical, Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), vitality test by training scenario, and exams to test ability each participants.

In her opening speech she said that the participants will undergo evaluation tests and exams every three years to test the participants, competency and to ensure that their skills and abilities are at an optimum level.

diver receive certificate

diver receive certificate

She said that the objective of the department’s decision to send four divers was as part of an early preparation for the department to establish a diving unit in each fire and rescue branch throughout the four districts.

She added that it is part of strategic plan in realising the fast respond effectiveness of the department in providing efficient and effective responses to rescue site as well as upgrading and enhancing the quality of services.

She explained that with the certificate of recognition, the participants will one day be able to be the head or assistant head of a new diving unit in the four districts and they will be able to train and supervise new diving personals.

Meanwhile the participants had said that thanks to the opportunity given to the by the department they are able to provide better services, and pass on the skills and expertise to fellow divers at the same time give them insights to the criterias and requirements needed to be a certified rescue diver in the department.

Group pic of divers with BOMBA's top brass

Group pic of divers with BOMBA's top brass

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