BBMP – SOASC holds mass hajat prayers for students

Students pray for success

Students pray for success

The Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddein collage yesterday held a hajat prayer and recital of Surah Yassin in a bid to invoke ALLAH’s blessings for students who are facing their end of year exams.

Student from the secondary 3 and five as well as year 8 who are taking their big exams namely,  the Lower secondary examinations (PMB) the  ‘O’levels  and the new Student Progress Examination (SPE)for year 8 students.

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SOASC Principal Pg Hj Zahari Pg Hj Ahmad said that the hajat prayers is part of the collage’s activity where it is held prior to big exams. He said that by holding the mass hajat prayers with students, teachers and parents and the recital of the Surah Yassin, it also instills a spiritual and religious aspect of learning to the students.

He said that as Muslims we must never forget to pray and invoke ALLAH’s blessings upon our activities and daily life. Students must learn of this at an early age so that the Islamic philosophy will be strong in their hearts and mind, not only in school but also outside school, and the years to come.

Present for the Hajat prayers were the Collage’s Administration as well as teachers and parents. The ceremony was held at the School’s auditorium.

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