To better cope with Exam jitters…

Helping students excel

Helping students excel

As the fourth quarter of the school year begins, teachers and students are frantically revising and for their end of year exams. As the exams draw near students will unravel and feel the pressure and stress of exams.

This is common amongst students, and to help them better cope with the exam jitters, school counsellors holds intervention programs and group counselling for students who are about to take their big final year exams mainly the Lower Secondary Examinations (PMB) and the ‘O’ levels.

Secondary three and Secondary 5 students of Rimba secondary school  had attended a two day intervention program to help them in preparing for their exams which is just around the corner.

The Intervention program aims at helping students cope with the increasing pressures of studying and exam anxieties which is common especially when the exams are drawing near.

In the past, exemplary students had failed in their exams because of they could not cope with the pressure of exam stresses. School administrations and school counsellors are aware of the dangers of stress have developed intervention programs and other innovative counselling techniques to   help students with their pre exam jitters and stresses.

School counsellors from all over the country  were invited to Rimba Secondary school to give a helping hand and share their expertise to help students better cope with the exam stresses in school and at home. With the program it is hoped that the students will be better prepared mentally to sit for their examinations and emerge with flying colours.

Helping students excel

Helping students excel

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