Khatam Quran in SOAS Collage

Students at the Khatam Quran ceremony

Students at the Khatam Quran ceremony

As part of the religious activities promoting core Islamic values through the teachings and recitations of the Quran the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien collage held a Khatam Al-Quran Ceremony for their ‘celik Al-Quran program’ or the Familiarising Al-Quran program, it was held at SOAS collage auditorium.

The program is initiated by the Ministry of Religious Affairs, where as part of their ramadhan program religious teachers from religious schools in the country would spend the first two weeks of Ramadhan evaluating and teaching students from secondary schools on their Quran recitation skills.

In his speech Principal of SOAS Pg Hj Zahar bin Pg Hj Ahmad said that the all the students of SOAS collage were evaluated on their Quran recitation skills and were taught accordingly by 17 religious teachers from the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

The students were taught in groups, where the climatic of the program was the Khatam Quran ceremony which is in conjuction with Nuzul Al-Quran.

teachers sprinklling scented flowers

teachers sprinklling scented flowers

He said that through programs such as these, the students not only benefit from learning subjects such as maths and history, but also they are able nurture and boost their religious knowledge in particular about the Quran, and the importance of recitating the Quran itself.

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