SOAS Donates to orphans

Group pic of orphans with SOAS's top brass

Group pic of orphans with SOAS's top brass

Thirty Two orphans studying at the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien College yesterday were given a treat when the college had donated cash to help ease some of their burden during the upcoming festive season.

The donation ceremony was held at the College’s surau, where the Principal of SOAS collage, Pg Hj Zahari Pg Hj Ahmad presented the donations to the students.

He said that the donations were in some small way to help ease the burden of the orphans studying in SOAS collage. The college has its own special welfare fund where it is specifically to help students in need.

The donations today were not only through the use of the fund but also from teachers and individuals who had graciously donated money for the students.

He emphasized to the students that they must study hard to help their families, especially their parent so that in the future they are able to help support their family. Most of the students are without fathers, and are raised by their mothers.

SOAS principal donates to orphans

SOAS principal donates to orphans

While most of them have other older siblings that help the family, some students are the eldest in the family, and hence the burden of responsibility weighs greatly on their shoulders.

Pg HJ Zahari said that at times it is tough for students who have only a mother or a father to raise them. They face challenges that we can only imagine. He hopes that the students will be able to shine during their studies and do well in their exams for the sake of themselves and their families.

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