BBMP – SOAS donates to 35 needy students

students received their gifts

students received their gifts

In conjuction with Nisfu Syaban, the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Collage with the collaboration of Alumni 64 yesterday held a ceremony to mark Nisfu Sya’ban, where it is a celebration of  a blissful night during which those of the Islamic faith may heighten their good deeds by reciting the verses from the Al-Quran, through zikirs, prayers and other religious deeds. This is because, during the night of Nisfu Sya’ban all will be forgiven and prayers will be answered.

35 SOAS students from families who are heavily burdened by financial problems received donations ranging from home necessities to money that will hopefully lessen their burden as well as their family burden during this month.

The ceremony was held at the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Collage’s surau.

Principal of SOAS Collage, Pg Hj Zahari Pg hj Ahmad said that this is the 3rd year that SOASC had held a celebration and donation such as this to needy children. It is now becoming a tradition in SOAS where each year, in conjunction with Nisfu Sya’ban, we at SOAS will be donating items of necessities, such as rice and sugar as well as some money for needy students in the schools that come from families who are burdened by financial problems.

He said that the reasons behind the ceremony and the donation were to instil good Islamic moral values amongst the students by lending a helping hand for students in need as well as to celebrate one of the most significant dates in the Islamic calendar.

He explained that the donations were contributed by the staff and teachers of SOAS collage as well as through the collage administration and members of the Alumni 64

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