BB – 15 firemen battles for 8 hours to contain raging forest inferno

Fireman battling the blaze in the Semayan Forest Reserve

Fireman battling the blaze in the Semayan Forest Reserve

Fifteen firemen from Sungai Liang Fire Station led by ASO Md Rosdi hj Abdul Halim, battled for 8 hours to control a raging inferno that engulfed 15 hectars of forest in the Belait District.

The fire had started in Kg Agis and had quickly spread through to the  Semayan Forest Reserve due to the strong winds.

ASO Md Rosdi said that although from the highway only the fiery glow of the fire could be seen, deep within the forest fire officials were struggling to contain a raging inferno which had spread through 15 hectares of land.

He said that the they received a call about the fire around  430pm, three fire trucks and 15 personal were dispatched to contain the fire, that was deep within the forest.

It was a dangerous situation he said, the strong find had made the matter worst where it was light pouring gasoline on fire.

Battling the fire near the main road of sg liang

Battling the fire near the main road of sg liang

He explained that because they were deep in the forest reserve their hoses could not reach the fire, therefore they had used what they can to douse the flame,  that means stamping it with damp branches and bushes. For water supply they had used the nearby fire hydrants and stored the water in their trucks. They had to make returning trips to the fire hydrants to have a constant supply of water to douse the flame.

He said that there were four houses that they had to protect from the fire. The quick spread of the fire was a danger, however they had managed to contain the fire from reaching the houses by drenching the surrounding with water.

Around midnight the fire had spread to the underbrush near the main road in Sg Liang. The road connecting Kuala Belait to the rest of Brunei, there was a real danger that the fire might spread further.

However thanks to the tenacity and dedication of the fire fighters, the blaze was quelled just minutes before it reached the main road.

The fire was completely quelled at approximately 3 in the morning.

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