New Land Transport Driving Evaluation Facility in operation

NEW land transport evaluating and licensing facility

NEW land transport evaluating and licensing facility

With over 8,000 to 10,000 new drivers on the road yearly,  a new driving and evaluation and licensing facility is needed to produce quality drivers on the roads of Brunei.  With that the new Land Transport Driving, Evaluation and licensing Facility has opened its doors for the first time yesterday.

However at this time the facility only houses the driving license unit. Driving tests and  evaluationa are still carried out in the old land transport building in Gadong. Full utilisation of the facility will take place in the near future, once logistics has been properly carried out.

This was stated by the Assistant Director (Traffic, Health, Safety and Educaiton Management) of Land Transport Department, Hj Joharry bin Hj Abd Karim during an interview at the new driving evaluation facility.

He said that quality drivers are needed on the road. The facility is just that, it is a tougher ‘real’ scenario driving set up, complete with road signage, where students are able to familiar themselves with road signage as well as other road condition scenarios. The facility $3.8 million facility built on a 6 hectare land is a concept adopted from Singapore and Japan will ensure a better quality driver.

He explained that once the whole facility is up and running, there will be a proposed new system of tests. A student must pass the driving test in the facility itself, before they are tested on real road conditions. In addition to passing the theory test, the student must pass both road tests, in order to obtain a driving license.

New land transport department’s driving, evaluating and licensing facility

New land transport department’s driving, evaluating and licensing facility

He said that a briefing to driving instructors are needed before the official launching of the driving evaluation facility. In the future, driving schools will utilise the driving facility in the compound, where it will not only be safer for driving students, but also for other road users.

The driving evaluation and licensing facility has it all which includes, a three way and four way junction, u-turns, inclines and declines, and even a round about, a unique feature only found here in Brunei’s own driving evaluating facility.

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