Maxi Scooter celebrates 1st anniversary

BB – Maxi Scooter yesterday celebrated its 1st anniversary at the Mumong Multi Purpose Hall in Mumong, Kuala Belait.

Awang Abd Rahman bin Hj Wahab President of Maxi Scooter hopes that its members will always positive in facing the challenges and will always uphold the good image of the association where it is viewed as one of the critical factors in ensuring the resilience of the association in the future.

Members of Maxi Scooter during the 1st anniversary event

Members of Maxi Scooter during the 1st anniversary event

He added that the biggest challenge for an association is choosing the right member who has the tenacity and dedication as well as the ‘right stuff’ to be a member of the executive committee. This type of person will be facing challenges, not only in defending the club against criticisms but also expanding the club and gaining new members.

He urged all members to give cooperation in facing challenges and changes that lies ahead as well as to be responsible members and to be proactive, positive and to show the utmost respect to others, not only to other road users but also to the community on the whole.

He had also said that in an effort to produce an active and positive generation members must always support and practice the motto of ‘Ride for Unity’.

Maxi Scooter Association was first establishes in 2006 and had been approved by the Registrar of Societies on 27 March 2008. Currently there are 40 members in the club where it is nick named KEMAS (Kelab Maxi Scooter).

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